Updates and new obsessions!


Wow, its been a long time since I have written a blog post! Christmas 2014 seemed to be the last one, and that was quite some time ago! I sometimes wonder where time flies off too!
It is interesting to reflect since the last time I posted a blog! That was almost 2 and a half years ago and its amazing what I have done since then.
I am now working as the Clinical Nurse Manager at a major private hospital here in Tasmania which has been an incredible experience, and I am lucky enough to work with pretty incredible people, who do awesome things everyday.

My health and wellness business has continued over this time, with me continuing my study and loving all those that came to me for information and support.
It continues to remain one of my favorite things to do and an absolute passion area for me. I completed a Certificate in Womens Health and Nutrition Coaching in 2015 which was an incredible program I completed with the Integrative Womens Health Institute in the US.
My latest readings have all been about being ‘Bulletproof’ (Dave Asprey), reversing your chronological age through diet and lifestyle changes (Dr Sara Gottfried) and also a book called ‘The Big Leap’ (Gay Hendricks) which is all about supporting yourself to up level your life and your mind, while resisting hitting the ceiling of your ‘upper limit’ of happiness and abundance! A great and easy read!

This year however, has bought in a completely new energy and a new passion. It is still in the health and wellness space obviously, because that is where I love to hang out!
At the end of last year, I was introduced to an incredible product and this was doTERRA Essential Oils. I had always used a few essential oils in my life. In particular Lavender. I used it in my bath to help me relax, on my pillow to help me sleep, my sister used it to help with her allergies, and it was the BEST remedy that I knew for dealing with pimples. (Side note, if you are not using lavender oil for your pimples, get on to that!) However, that was as far as my oil usage went. Oh… except for the patchouli obsession that me and my mum had!

I had bought a couple of oils in the past that had smelt good, but when I got them home, they gave me a headache and I didn’t really feel like I knew how to use them.
In November last year, I received an email from a gorgeous woman, Alice Nicholls, who shared with me a gorgeous doTERRA oils masterclass she had done online. The oils sounded incredible and Alice’s love and enthusiasm for them radiated through the screen at me. She had inspired me to check them out. So I did! She showed me how to use them, what they were about and they are now my new obsession!

I am now rolling them on, making my own blends, diffusing them, giving roller ball blends and oil infused bath salts away to my family and friends and sending them all across the country, cleaning with them and I just LOVE that I have these in my life. I make blends for sleeping, relaxing, immune boosting, energy boosting and gorgeous ‘pure-fume’ blends. All with no nasties involved! (Side note – nasty and toxic chemicals are not something you want in your life. But more on that to come!)

In addition, the company is one of the most incredible companies which I have ever heard of. The ethos of doTERRA is so anchored in healing the planet and empowering other humans, that I can not imagine NOT been a part of this company.
From how they look after their farmers, to the unmatched purity of the oils to their incredible philanthropic projects – it is incredibly inspiring.

I love doTERRA and their oils so much, that I have begun sharing these incredible ‘gifts of the earth’ with anyone who would love to hear about them. I have been running classes at my home, with my friends at their houses and at yoga studios.

I had been thinking of you also, and I decided that sharing them with you was also something that had really called to me.

You may think that this a pretty big jump for me, from where I was ‘hanging out’ before, being the Nourished Nurse. However, essential oils fall so incredibly in alignment with women’s wellness (and men’s), that not sharing them and allowing them to be a part of your own lifestyle, is almost a crime!
As a busy, professional woman I have found that essential oils provide me with an incredible way to support myself throughout my day. From calming anxiety, boosting my energy, supporting my immune system, allowing me to focus better at work, helping me relax and sleep at night … the list goes on! I find it incredibly empowering to have a natural solution on hand to use.
In the future, I am going to share more about these incredible oils, why you would use them and why its important for your health and your hormones to reduce the level of toxic chemicals that you have in your life.

Also, I have almost finished an incredible FREE ebook for you.
It is designed for nurses, but to be honest the information will be suitable for everyone! It is titled ‘Essential Oils for Nurses’ outlining:

  • What essential oils are
  • How they are to be used
  • Safety and dilution charts
  • incredible ways to use oils to support yourself at work
  • How amazing doTERRA is!

I can’t wait to share that with you!

If you are keen to know more info about the oils now, please feel free to get in touch with me! I love sending oily packages across the city/state/ country/ world and its now one of my favourite things to do! I would love to send one to you!

Email me at eswellness(at)outlook.com if you would love more info!
You are going to love what I have to share with you!

Be well and big love,

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I am a Registered Nurse and Holistic Womens Health Coach! Seeking radiance in my life, love and health.

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