Uplevelling your winter wellness!

Winter is here! Well and truly, especially here in Tassie!

I have been doing my best to stay toasty and warm, but my energy levels have definitely decreased and staying in bed, is something that is VERY attractive to me!

I am going to chat today about the incredible On Guard oil from doTERRA, as a way to really uplevel your winter wellness.

But before jumping into this weeks oil, I did a Facebook live this week in my new oils group, ES Wellness – doTERRA oily lovers! I spoke about how we can use the oils to support us this winter, both as prevention and when we are sick. This is the place where I will be sharing a lot more about the oils, including info, Facebook lives, oily ideas and more. If you would love to check it out, please click here and ask to join!

On Guard is the immune blend, and is filled with incredible oils including Cinnamon, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Clove. This is one of the most popular doTERRA oils, and doTERRA believe in it so much, that they have added it to many of their gorgeous products, such as their toothpaste, hand wash, laundry detergent, and specially designed throat lozenges.This enables us to increase the touch points we have to these oils every day.

On Guard has some pretty incredible history and stats.

First, the history!

On Guard is based on a very old oil blend called THIEVES oil. THIEVES oil got its name, as back in the time of the plague, their was a group of four thieves who robbed the victims of the plague stealing their possessions. But these people did not get sick, even though they were around so much death and decay.
Why? Because, they knew the incredibly powerful benefits that certain botanicals provided for them.
They were perfume and spice merchants who had prepared an essential oil recipe that when applied to their hands, ears, temples, feet & a mask over their mouths, kept them safe from infection.
The men were ultimately hanged for their crimes, but the recipe did not go to the grave with them. From then on, doctors who treated the plague wore pointy masks (as per the picture below) – which were said to have been filled with the botanicals of lemon, rosemary, cinnamon and clove, as well as having the oils on their hands, ears and temples!
Pretty cool hey!?

Second, the stats!

Ok, so you know how their are foods which are known as ‘superfoods’ – think chia seeds, blueberries, dark chocolate and turmeric.
Well, Clove oil also sits on this anti-oxidant scale (known as the ORAC scale) and it totally trumps all of these ‘super foods’! Check out the numbers below!

Wild Blueberries: 14000 ORAC score
Dark Chocolate: 21000 ORAC score
Turmeric: 100 000 ORAC score
Clove oil: 1 million ORAC score

How amazing is that!!!

There is also a great literature review from Pubmed HERE on the science which is available for Clove oil.

What does all this mean in the end?

Using On Guard essential oil on your body and in your diffuser at home, can add incredible support to your immune system and help keep those winter bugs away from you! Which is what we all want! Would you like to try some?? (Let me know if you do!!)

I use it in my diffuser, as a hand sanitiser, a roll it on my body everyday and some people pop a drop of oil in their tea! So many ways to use this incredible oil.

Head on over to my new Facebook group to see this weeks Facebook live on my winter wellness with essential oils!
I mention briefly in this talk about some of the other things that I personally do to keep myself well. I have attached an article you may like to read from the awesome Chris Kresser, with his 9 tips to perfect health. His articles are always so well researched and I love that.

I have so much more gorgeous info coming your way on Essential Oils, but if you are keen to know more info about the oils now, please feel free to hit reply to this email and I will support you in any way that I can! As I said, sending oily packages across the city/ state/ country is now one of my favorite things to do, and I would love to send one to you!

Big love and stay warm,



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