Reducing the toxins in your home will make you younger!

I began cleaning out the chemicals in my house about 8 years ago. It was at the time when I was beginning to learn all about ‘wellness’ and as I read about toxic cleaning and beauty products – which my home and bathroom cabinet were full of at the time – I knew they had to go.
I literally threw them ALL in the bin. At the time it pained me a lot, there was a lot of money that I just threw out, but I once I KNEW about them, I could not use them on myself. So they had to go!

All of them went in the bin and I began using products which were not toxic to me or the environment.
I understood that these chemicals were unregulated, not necessarily labelled on the bottle or container and were most likely tested on animals.
I understood that they impacted my hormones, lodged themselves in my fat cells and gave my liver an unprecedented workload which it was meant to deal with.
And that it was possible that the hormonal issues I had been dealing with up until that time, were a by product of these chemicals.
Because what I know NOW, is that the liver is KEY and that if your liver is healthy, then the likelihood is that you and your hormones are too!

So, it was with excitement that I recently read a book called ‘Younger’ by Dr Sara Gottfried M.D from the US.
Her book is a look at how our epigenetics (read lifestyle factors) impact our gene expression and Dr Sara uses the incredible new science on genes and the lifestyle factors that impact them, to learn to reset them and reverse aging!
It is seriously break through stuff and an amazing book!

If you have been following the Functional Medicine movement for a while, you will notice that many things in the book will not surprise you. Dr Sara speaks to improving sleep, resetting circadian rhythms, eating an anti-inflammatory (mostly paleo) diet, getting rid of sugar, high intensity workouts and intermittent fasting, BUT she also speaks about our level of EXPOSURE and the impact that the exposure we have to chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, medications, air pollution and moulds have on our DNA.

And no one is immune. Not even new born babies, who are now born ‘pre-polluted’ by the chemicals that come from the mother across the placenta.

Dr Sara says “You may not notice the exposure, but over time, you can measure synthetic chemicals in your blood, urine, and hair to determine what has entered your body from the environment.
Sometimes, the original toxin is not the worst part. Other times, its the toxins metabolites, substances produced when your liver chemically alters the original toxic compound into even worse chemicals.
Genetics accounts for only 10 percent of disease; 90% of it is due to environmental exposures.
Toxins can damage your cellular DNA, both in the nucleus and in the mitochondria (which is the powerhouse of your cells).
We are exposed every day, sometimes all day, so there’s no luxury to detoxing and decontaminating – its crucial’.

Dr Sara continues: “Toxic exposures can accelerate your aging, or, once discovered, be the grist for the mill of higher aspirations, such as transformation and resilience.
You must choose to be proactive. If you don’t choose, your body does the best it can when assaulted by toxic chemicals, but the toxins usually win – they harm your mitochondria and get stored in your fat.
Generally your lifetime of exposures ages you prematurely, making your more brittle and brimming with oxidative stress.
Oxidative stress refers to the  biological imbalance between your bodys production of free radicals, which damage your DNA, and your bodys capacity to neutralise them with anti-oxidants.
If you have too many free radicals and not enough antioxidants (because you rarely eat broccoli or take vitamin C) then you develop excessive oxidative stress’.

So, what on earth is a gal or guy to do?? Toxic exposures accelerate aging, harm my mitochondria, and overload my liver! Personally, Dr Sara had me at ‘accelerate aging’!

Reducing the toxins you are exposed to is key. This includes:

  • Household cleaners
  • heavy metals
  • polluted air
  • pesticides/ herbacides/ fungacides
  • skin products – which contain lead (This is in your lipstick… no I’m not joking), phthalates, parabens, sodium lauryl suphates
  • industrial chemicals
  • pharma/synthetic homones

Choose the safer option, always. Skin, beauty and household cleaning products are really the ‘low hanging fruit’ these days. There are so many incredible options out there for you to choose from.
doTERRA have an incredible range of all of these products, but there are other amazing brands too.

But it would not be ME, if I also did not talk about food too!

Adding in green vegetables (aim for green veggies at every meal) help provide important nutrients to support digestion in your liver and then excretion. Brocolli Sprouts in particular (whether eaten raw or as a supplement) are packed with Sulphurophane which helps stimulate liver detoxification.
Green tea is packed full of anti-oxidants  that help clear your body of free radicals.
Nuts and seeds also reduce oxidative stress.

The key message here though, is reducing the toxins you are bringing into your life.
For me, Essential Oils now play a serious part in this.

They have replaced my personal fragrance, my first aid kit, my cleaning products, my beauty products and what I put in my bath and on my body.
By using the purest essential oils in the world, you reduce your exposure to chemicals which cause aging over time.
And I personally, do not want to age early. I do not want to have a screwed up liver. I do not want to be inflamed and puffy.
I want to be radiant, healthy, my natural body weight.
I want glowing skin, balanced hormones and healthy gut.
What about you? What do you want!?

Lots of love,



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I am a Registered Nurse and Holistic Womens Health Coach! Seeking radiance in my life, love and health.

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